Family Doctor/ Obstetrician
Parenting Guide
Community service.

I am a caring, experienced family doctor and Obstetrician who has, over many years, contributed to the community through leadership of numeroud charities including those dealing with parent mental health, refugees, social change, educational and sporting charities. I'm married with three children and grandchildren, with a love of walking my Bernese Mountain dog, non-competitive golf with friends, and movies.

Family focus.....

Doctor, guide, confidant...

Volunteer, community leader...

What is important to me?

I cannot say what impact I have had on peoples lives, but I have been in a privileged position to help people and guide them to change and find better ways for themselves,................................ as parents, as partners, as individuals, as members of our society. My aim has always been to use this privileged position to make a positive difference and to do so with love and enthusiasm.

I believe in volunteerism, in leading by example, in fairness, freedom, respect, and acceptance for all. The freedom to be different, yet respectful of the others rights to be different too, within a society where we have common binding values to allow us to live together and yet allow that individual or tribe to celebrate their difference.

Above all, I love to watch my children and their children grow and thrive and struggle, and I am very grateful for the moments they give me to feel relevant in their busy lives. I am sure that I have often embarrassed them, but I wish for no more recognition than that they might at times want to have a chat.



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