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Parenting Guide
Community service.

Dr Leon Levitt is a caring, experienced Family Doctor and Obstetrician who has, over many years, contributed to the community through leadership of parent mental health, refugee, social change, educational and sporting charities.

He has developed this website to host his short, helpful and easy to follow videos and podcasts - parenting tips and strategies, to help you to enjoy parenting. See #DrLeon below.

Care - Advice - Guidance

Dr Leon draws from the following extensive personal and professional skills and experiences.

Video & podcast lessons with Mums & Dads asking real
everyday questions

30+ year marriage, children & grandchildren... a lifetime of parenting experience

30 years delivering babies, family medicine - specialising in mother/ infant care

Multi-disciplinary Health Team supporting families in the first years of parenthood

Dr Leon runs a team of family GPs in Wembley providing a full range of medical services

A lifetime passion for service to the community, locally, & internationally


Parenting tips & strategies to help you enjoy parenting.