A business course and a friend's passing and my passion for community service.


The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance Western Australia

“Fostering cohesive societies free from racial and religious discrimination, prejudice and persecution”

More than a Museum

  • In development since 2013
  • Exists to foster and promote a society where everyone has the freedom to live peacefully together

Based upon his frustration at the failure of subsequent generations to understand and learn from the discrimination and subjugation of Australia’s first peoples and the ongoing presence of anti-semitism and failure of society to learn from the Holocaust, Dr Leon Levitt and his other founding directors founded the Museum of Freedom and Tolerance Western Australia.

The MFTWA is much more than a museum. Ultimately, it is abaout exploring, learning, hearing stories, sharing your own tales and creating better public conversations and positive action on the issues surrounding racial and religious discrimination, prejudice and intolerance.

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance includes a ........

  1. Museum
  2. Art Gallery
  3. Outreach Community Programs
  4. Community Hub   and
  5. Research Centre and Think Tank

This is project that has been in development since 2013 and now moves into its second stage (called the Touchstone Project).

It will deliver three major events and programs to the Western Australian community on these themes over 2017 to 2019, leading up to the fulfilment of the vision of a functioning museum and institute that will become a permanent leader against the ongoing challenges that racism and prejudice provide, and will always provide to our society.

The MFTWA exists to foster and promote the kind of cohesive society where everyone has the freedom to live peacefully alongside each other, free from racial and religious prejudice and discrimination

Voluntary Service

“Volunteering in your community is about building a better society, and in the process it builds a better you.”

A Lifetime of Service

  • Refugee Relief
  • Education & Clubs
  • Health Care Assistance

Dr Levitt has a lifetime of volunteering contributions to the community. In the past this has included ….

  • Refugee Relief: leadership of a fundraising organisation for Refugee Relief, serving as the Western Australian Chairman for 20 years and member of the national Board of management
  • Education: member of local school boards and former president of a school ex-students association
  • Sporting clubs: President of local cricket and soccer clubs
  • 30 years of providing health care assistance to families from many different cultures from all over the world, including management of their pregnancies, their families’ health needs and provision of circumcisions, a service that their families and religious groups require.